Vacation Care

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Excursion Permission Form

Vacation care programs are available:

Monday, Week 7 each term

Note: New families will need to complete an enrolment form – located in the Forms & Enrol tab

Opening hours:

7:00am – 6:30pm


7:00am-8:30am: Breakfast and activities
9:30am: Roll call, program explained, morning tea

(note: on excursion days, we meet at 8:30am to discuss the day and safety matters)

10:00am: Advertised and other activities
12:15pm: Roll call and announcements

12:30pm: Advertised and other activities
3:00pm: Roll call, afternoon tea
5:30pm: Light snack, quiet activities and packing up time
6:30pm: Closing

In line with the National Framework: My Time, Our Place, Funhouse’s program provides a variety of:

  • Indoor Programmed Activity

  • Indoor Free Play

  • Outdoor Programmed Activity

  • Outdoor Free Play

  • Relaxation and quiet activities


More Information


  • When children attend excursions (zoo, park, visit to the farm, indoor play land, cinema…), the routine changes: roll calls and head counts are done more frequently throughout the day. 

  • These procedures changes based on the location of excursion and the outcome from the risk assessment we undertake.

  • Announcements are also in place, ensuring the routine of the day is fully understood and expectations are clear to the children and team of staff.

  • When we take children on excursions, our ratio changes based on the risk management assessment.

  • For each excursion we ask a Funhouse staff member to attend the venue and conduct a risk assessment prior to the excursion.

  • The ratio is usually closer to 1 staff member per 8 children.

  • For safety reasons, each time we leave the Centre, children must wear their blue Funhouse t-shirt and the identification tag (wristband we provide for the children with our phone number if it is not on their shirt). 

  • On some excursions the children must also wear a fluro Funhouse vest. These vests are kept at Funhouse and used as the need arises.

General Information

  • Our complete Vacation Program and booking sheets are available to families in Week 7 of each term.

  • Our maximum capacity of attendance during Vacation Care is currently capped at 208  children each day. We however currently have between 90 children to 140 children attending each day.

  • Our Program and routines are based around the children’s suggestions and the National Framework “My Time, Our Place”.

  • For each day of attendance, a parent or an authorised adult must bring their child/ren to the Centre in the morning and sign in using our iPads.  In the afternoon, the same applies; a parent or an authorised adult must collect their children at the Centre and attend to “pick up” online system.

  • Sunscreen: Our children and our team of staff member apply Sun Screen according to the UV index.   Castle Hill Funhouse uses the Cancer Council App to guide us on when to enforce sun safe practices daily. 

  • We enforce the “No Hat No Outdoor Play” procedure when sun protection is needed and we ask for parents to ensure children do not wear singlets or caps.