CHPS Extra Curricular Permission Form

To give your child permission to attend CHPS Extra Curricular Activities between 7am-9am or 3pm-6:30pm, please read through the following information and complete the form below.

Location of activity must be in school grounds only.

At the end of this activity my child will:

This form acts as a written authorisation for my child to leave Funhouse premises as per the Education and Care Services National Regulations 99(4b). The child may only leave the relevant premises if the child leaves the premises in accordance with the written authorisation of the child's parents or authorised nominee named in the child's enrolment record.

Staff Responsibilities

  • Ensure these is an up-to-date form completed

  • Confirm details with parents via email

  • Set alarms for when the child is to leave and return (if applicable) to Funhouse

  • Announce 5 min prior to activity starting to meet at silver seats

  • Without this form or a written note, Funhouse staff are not to send a child to their activity

  • Put afternoon tea aside for children if their activity starts during afternoon tea.


Parent Responsibilities

  • Complete an up-to-date extracurricular form

  • Read through this form with your child to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities

  • Remind your child of the day and time of their activity

  • Provide your child with a watch if concerned


Child Responsibilities

  • Meet the staff at the silver seats to sign out for Extra Curricular

  • Walk with the Funhouse staff member to your activity (unless starting at 3pm; if so, child to walk directly to activity)

  • Once finished activity, wait in your room for the Funhouse staff to collect you

  • Ask the Funhouse staff to sign you back in

  • Place instrument/equipment safely in designated area

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