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Before School Care

Per Session


After School Care

Per Session 


Vacation Care


$ 75 per day per child


$90 per day per child


$110 per day per child

Membership Fee

Our Yearly Membership Fee is $50 per child per annum

Late Payment Fee

Per Week


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Non-Notification Fee

Per Event



$35.00 Per Event

Late Pick Up Fee

After 6.30pm to 6.45pm

(or part thereof)

$35.00 per child
From 6.45pm to 7pm

(an additional)

$55.00 per child

If no contact has been made by 7:00pm, the Centre Manager will have no option but to contact the local Police Station. 

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Vacation Care Extras

No Hat

$10.00 per hat provided

No Water Bottle

$3.00 per bottle

Lunch and Morning Tea

$5.00 each

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Child Care Subsidy

Our Centre is a registered childcare provider with Centrelink

Centre’s Provider Numbers:

Before and After School Care

555 006 788K

Vacation Care

555 007 284J

More Information

Payment of Fees

Families will be invoiced fortnightly.

The only form of payment accepted at Castle Hill Funhouse is via Direct Debit. 

To support families, Castle Hill Funhouse has committed to paying the setup fee and fortnightly transaction fees for families who provide their bank details.

Late fee payment applies for families not paying their fees.

For the safety of the children, staff and families, the Management Committee advises that there is to be no form of payment at the Centre.

Non-Payment of Fees

Overdue family accounts will be handled in the following manner:

1. Accounts unpaid after a week of receiving the invoice will receive a reminder notice with a late fee of $35.00. The family will have until the end of the week to rectify the situation

2. If the account is not settled in full by the end of the next week, a further fee of $35.00 will be charged and another reminder sent indicating the late payment charge and a request for full settlement of the account. The notice will also indicate the child/children's position at the Centre is now in jeopardy

3. If by the end of the next week the account has not been finalised (Week 4), the families bookings and enrolment at the Centre will be cancelled. Legal action may then be commenced with the cost of this action charged to the families account

4. If the family wishes to return to the Centre after full payment of outstanding fees, the parents/guardian will need to complete and sign a new enrolment form, stating they have read and understood the conditions of use of the Centre. Another full year membership fee, along with all outstanding fees, must be paid prior to acceptance of the new enrolment form with a condition of paying fees using the direct debit option only.

Non-Notification Fee Explained

The non-notification fee applies when a family forgets to notify the Centre that their child/ren will be absent for a booked session.

To notify the Centre of any absences, families will need to use the Xplor Home App.

Click here for guidance on marking your child/ren absent.

Date our fees were last changed

Before School Care February 2024

Vacation Care August 2024

After School Care February 2024

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