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Centre Management

Current Management: Approved Provider

A voluntary group of parents comprise the Management Committee of Castle Hill Funhouse. The Committee decides matters of policy. This Committee meets each term or as required. Parents with any concerns, suggestions or queries are encouraged to attend these meetings or place a comment in the suggestion box. 

Each permanent booking family is expected to serve on the Management Committee for a minimum of one year during their use of our services. 

Management Committee

President: Erica Miller

Vice President: Nicole Corben
Secretary: Conrad Van Dort
Treasurer: Stan Klecha

Committee Members:

Minerva Arthur, Rajesh Valluri, and Stan Klecha

Upcoming Committee Meeting:

Please check our newsletter for the date and time of our next monthly committee meeting.

Centre Director: Nicky McNab

The Centre Director, Nicky McNab, is responsible for the day to day management and smooth running of this Centre as Nominated Supervisor.

Nicky has over 23 years’ experience in all aspects of childcare, both in the United Kingdom and Australia, and has successfully run her own business. She has 2 boys of her own and has a passion for this industry. 

Funhouse Managers

Working closely with our Centre Director is a team of amazing leaders: 

Joel, Sylvie, Harry, Whitney, Ash D and Mahnaz Courtney, Jack, Dylan, Nicola and Jelena (Supervisors)

Katherine (Assistant Director & WHS Manager)

Selina - (Administration and Enrolments Manager)

Cathy - (Casual - Compliance Leader)

Jelena - (Educational Leader & WHS Assist) 

Tori - (Ed Leader Assist)

Harry- (Floor Manager)

Nathan - (Sustainability Leader),

Whitney and Sylvie (ISP)

Mahnaz (Kitchen Manager & Cook)

Courtney (Kitchen Assist)

A great team of committed Educators.

Funhouse Administration Team

The Castle Hill Funhouse administration team is available to answer any bookings, financial, medical or general enquiries.

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