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Re-Enrolment Form

To re-enrol your child/children to Castle Hill Funhouse for 2021, please complete the following form

Parent/Guardian completing this form:

Number of Children

Children's Details

Please select number of children above and then complete child/ren's details below:

Booking Type

Permanent Booking Days

Bookings Comments

Change of Details

Have any of your details changed? e.g. address, contact number, email address

Do the details of any authorised people need to be changed or added?

If yes, please complete our Add an Emergency Contact form.

Funhouse Publication Consents

I hereby give permission for educators to take photographs, videos, work and/or artworks of my child with my child's first name and age being used, and be displayed within the following places:

Permisson given at the Centre:
Permission given to distribute to our Funhouse Families (i.e. Xplor)
Permission to use on our Website:

Medical/Health Changes

Have your child/ren's medical treatment/health needs changed?
Please note, if your child/ren's medical action plan is out of date, we will be unable to confirm your 2021 enrolment.

Families will need to upload an image or document version of updated medical plans below.

Upload Image
Upload Document

Other Changes

Is there any other information you consider important regarding your child/ren that we need to know?

2021 Payment Changes

As part of our 2021 re-enrolment process, your financial details will need to be entered in Xplor Home Web prior to 2021 bookings' being confirmed. Direct Debit will commence effective the next statement cycle after you have entered your bank/credit card details via Xplor Home.

To support families in this transition Castle Hill Funhouse will commit to paying the setup fee and fortnightly transaction fees for families who provide their bank details.

Families using credit card payment options will need to pay the fortnightly transaction fees.

Additional Information

Confirmation of booking will be given to families in writing via email once all information has been received, including updated health record plans and direct debit setup. 


An annual $25 Membership Fee will be added to your statement at some point during this term.

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